Joey Montagna Explains How Josh Dunkley Has Taken Brisbane’s Midfield To Another Level

Leigh Montagna says the Brisbane Lions are now getting the “real fruits” of Josh Dunkley’s inclusion into their midfield.

Partnered with Lachie Neale, Joey believes the game is finally starting to feel the effects of such a deadly midfield duo.

“We are now seeing the Neale-Dunkley, Batman-Robin combination that we thought was going to be potent,” Joey said on Footy Talk.

“They’ve both played well but at different stages, Neale started the year well and Dunkley took a little bit of time. Now Dunkley’s flying.”

Jay Clark joins Joey on today’s episode of Footy Talk, and says he thinks Dunkley is in form to earn himself back-to-back best and fairests.

“He could win their best and fairest this year. So he wins the Bulldogs best and fairest last year changes clubs [and wins this year],” Jay said.

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