Isaac Smith Recalls Scott Pendlebury’s Good Deed Ahead Of The 2011 Preliminary Final

Looking back to Hawthorn’s Preliminary Final matchup with Collingwood in 2011, Isaac Smith told the Thursday Rub team about the good deed Collingwood legend Scott Pendlebury did for him ahead of the game.

With 95,000 fans packing into the MCG for the big contest, Smith was in a rush to ditch his car and get to the ground, before the Magpies superstar stepped up to help him foot the parking cost.

“I’m rolling in [driving] my old Toyota Camry… and I could not find a park,” Smith remembered.

“There was only one carpark over there… and the lady at the ticket box goes ‘that’ll be 20 dollars thank you’.

“I said ‘I don’t have cash on me, I’ve only got card’, and she goes ‘well you can’t park here’.

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“Unbeknownst to me, Scott Pendlebury was sitting behind me… and he’s like “I’ve got 20 dollars for him, here you go.

“To this day I’ve never paid him back.”


Although, a text from his dad during the chat revealed that the 20 dollars had in fact been given back to Pendlebury after all.

“I’ve just received a text from my father, and he said ‘your father paid the 20 dollars at a pizza shop in Mornington to Scott back in December 2012,” Smith read.

“So I owe you nothing!”

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