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Chloe Fisher On Her Persistent Pursuit Of Motherhood

It was just after her wedding night when Chloe Fisher and her Grammy-nominated husband Fisher well pregnant for the first time.

Only shortly after, the couple found out Chloe had miscarried.

It was from that point that Chloe, also a model, Instagram influencer and entrepreneur, decided to use her platform to give voice to people who have lost pregnancies.

Along with her friend and co-host Ellidy Pullin, they’ve created a community of listeners on the podcast, Darling, Shine! who support one another through their fertility journeys.

Listen to The Weekend Briefing’s chat with Chloe Fisher here:

At only 31-years-old, Chloe has now been through seven full rounds of IVF, and she is determined, one way or another, to become a parent.

In her chat with Jamila Rizvi on The Weekend Briefing, Chloe shares her dreams about wanting to have her own children and family “forever” and how she always naturally, wanted to be a mother.

“We were always on the road… and the time we’ve been together, never practiced any sort of safe sex and I never actually fell pregnant,” Chloe said.

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“I never really thought it was a thing. It never raised alarm bells for me because I thought maybe it is harder than what you think.

“In February of 2020 we fell pregnant at our wedding, and it was just like, wow that was so easy, how good like this is?

“Then I had my first miscarriage in March of 2020, and it wasn’t until after that, that I began to realise that there was something going on because we then tried for nearly 12 months to have a baby… and it wasn’t working.”

To hear more about Chloe’s journey in pursuit of becoming a mother and what she is doing to help women who are experiencing similar, listen to the episode of The Weekend Briefing.

You can check out more from Darling, Shine! here. 

For miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn death support head to or call 1300 308 307 for 24/7 phone support. 

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