Chloe Fisher with her ner baby girl

Chloe Fisher & DJ Paul Fisher Have Welcomed Their First Baby! 

It’s the happy news we’ve all been waiting for: Darling, Shine! podcaster Chloe Fisher and her husband, DJ Paul Fisher, have  finally welcomed their first child! 

Chloe shared the exciting news on Instagram this morning, writing:

“HELLO WORLD, meet our baby girl. Bobbi Maree Fisher 🩷💫🌸 Born 20 June 2024
‘The happiest day of the year'”

Chloe has openly shared the intimate details of her fertility journey with husband Paul Fisher on her Darling, Shine! podcast with Ellidy Pullin since 2020.

“Our journey to you has been filled with many ups and downs but every moment has been worth it. For the past four years, your arrival has been the dream that kept me going,” she read from a letter she penned to her bub before the arrival.

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“There were times that the past seemed quite difficult and the hope of meeting you felt like a distant star, but through it all, we never gave up.

“Every tear shed, every doctor visit, every prayer I whispered was a step closer to you. Your dad and I have grown so much through this journey. We’ve learnt about resilience, the power of love, and the depth of unconditional love.” 

Take a listen to Chloe read the full letter below: 

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