Abbie Chatfield and YUNG GRAVY

Abbie Chatfield Reveals What Happened On Her Date With YUNG GRAVY!

In the latest episode of It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, Producer Oscar took his chance to grill Abbie about her date with American Rapper YUNG GRAVY.

Here’s a bit of a refresher: A few weeks ago, YUNG GRAVY appeared on Kyle Sandilands’ radio show alongside Brittany Hockley when Abbie’s name was brought up. Following the interview, Abbie called out Kyle and Brittany for slut-shaming comments, sparking an online feud between Abbie and Brittany.

But most importantly, YUNG GRAVY showed his support for Abbie and date plans were set in motion. 

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What happened on that date? Where did they go? Did they kiss?

Find out on this week’s episode of It’s A Lot:

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