Hands hold hundreds of pieces of plastic

You Probably Have Plastic in Your Blood

Are microplastics harmful or just an inevitable part of modern life? This is the question that Cosmos Science Journalist, Ellen Phiddian, tackles in the latest episode of Huh, Science Explained.

Ellen delves deep into the world of microplastics, investigating how they have managed to infiltrate every corner of the globe, from the icy waters of Antarctica to our very own bloodstream.

“Microplastics – whether or not you’ve heard about them, you’ve almost definitely got a few inside you – your Tupperware containers, cups and drinking water all act as handy little microplastic delivery machines. Last year, a group of scientists found that 17 out of the 22 blood donors they tested had microplastics in their blood. But is this a bad thing? Well, that’s harder to figure out,” she explains.

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So what does this mean for our health? Are these microplastics a cause for concern, or are they harmless? Tune in to Huh, Science Explained to find out.