Big foot

New Discovery Proves The Existence Of Sasquatch

Big news for all of you passionate conspiracy theorists out there – someone thinks they have proven the existence of sasquatch. Yep, THE sasquatch, aka Big Foot. 

The word Sasquatch, comes from the Indigenous People of the Pacific Northwest and North America, translating to Wildman. 

Rumours of Sasquatch’s existence came from people who claimed they had firsthand experiences with sasquatch or evidence of his existence. 

These firsthand accounts indicate that Big Foot is between 1.8 and 4.5 metres tall, with feet around 60 centimetres in length. He is also believed to have reddish brown fur and to smell distinctively of body odour. 

But where did sasquatch come from? Well, according to experts, Big Foot is believed to be the descendent of the Gigantopithecus, an extinct giant ape from around 11,700 years ago. 

The giant ape is thought to have grown to about three metres tall and weighing in at around 500kg. 

While there are both sceptics and believers, Biologists from the University of Washington have discovered a cave along the Canadian US border which they believe may have been inhabited by Big Foot. 

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But it’s what scientists found inside the cave that has biologists asking questions. While exploring the caves, researchers located large bones along with mysterious cave drawings of both large humans, small humans and animals. 

Upon taking the bones back to the lab for testing, they found that the bones shared 99.6 percent of their DNA with humans.

To emphasize just how close this is to human DNA, chimpanzees share 98.8 percent of their DNA with humans. 

But this isn’t even the most damning piece of evidence that sasquatch does in fact, exist. 

Cosmos Magazine journalist Evrim Yazgin reveals the jaw-dropping discovery made by researchers which could definitively prove the existence of Sasquatch. 

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