“He Got Knocked Out In His Last Fight It Might Have Knocked A Bit Of Sense Into Him!” | Woodsy On TPJ’s NRL Return

Tevita Pangai Junior is back in the NRL after his sabbatical to Boxing, joining the Dolphins for the remainder of 2024.

Aaron Woods had some amusing comments on TPJ’s return to Rugby League on The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude and Wendell.

“The funny thing is boys he got knocked out and his last fight, it might have knocked a bit of sense into him!’ said Woods

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“Now he wants to play Rugby League, he wants to go back to the game he loves but he hates being told by halfbacks what to do.”

“I think the dollars might have made a bit more sense[in the NRL]…I thought he might have went to the Sevens to live another dream to play in the Olympics as well.”