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Will The Vape Crackdown Turn People Back To Cigarettes?

The importation of all non-therapeutic vapes is now illegal in Australia.

This means anyone wanting to import vape into the country needs a licence to do so, and anyone wanting to buy a vape will need a prescription from their doctor.

But will this next step in the government’s crackdown on vaping make a noticeable difference? Will it push those who can’t access a vape onto smoking cigarettes instead?

Federal Health Minister Mark Butler tells The Briefing why he is so focused on cracking down on vapes in 2024:

Butler acknowledges that vape users are three times more likely to take up cigarettes than non-vape users, and shares the fear that this crackdown will turn young people onto cigarettes.

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“The last thing we want to see is the very large number of vapers shift into cigarettes,” Butler says.

“This is a serious public health menace targeting young Australians with one simple objective in mind, on the part of Big Tobacco, and that is to recruit a new generation to nicotine addiction,” Butler says.

“And we’re determined to stamp it out.”

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