Will A Vaping Ban Push People Back On The Smokes?

The crackdown on vaping goes into its next stage today, with the government making it illegal to import any non-therapeutic vapes.

From January this year the import of disposable vapes was banned, now legislation includes any vapes you buy without a prescription.

Health experts are concerned that banning vapes could drive people back to cigarettes.

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce from the Department of Health Promotion and Policy at the University of Massachusetts discusses the issue on The Briefing:

“It’s pretty clear that on average, smoking is a lot worse for you than vaping,” Hartmann-Boyce said.

Evidence suggests that e-cigarettes can help some smokers deal with cravings while quitting, but what will they turn to after the ban?

“I would really, really highly encourage them to do everything they can to try not to go back to smoking and consider other things that might be able to help them deal with craving,” she said.

“For example, nicotine replacement therapies like gums or patches.”

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