Why Should I Acknowledge Country?

We begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land in which this article was published from and where you read today. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and acknowledge sovereignty was never seated.

From your morning meeting to your shopping receipt, suddenly it seems everyone is Acknowledging Country.

Acknowledging Country is a way of showing awareness of, respect for, and continuing connection with the Traditional Custodians of the land you are standing on.

In this episode of Blak Matters, Teela and MC break down the history of Acknowledgment of Country, its meaning, and how to do one with respect and purpose.

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Teela empathises the importance of Acknowledging Country, and unlike a Welcome to Country, anyone who is passing on the land can deliver an Acknowledgement.

An Acknowledgment of Country does not need to be delivered with any particular words but must be sincere. Teela suggests however one thing should be mentioned when Acknowledging Country.

“There’s no real precise words you need to use, but I think it’s really important for everyday Australians when they are acknowledging the First Nations Land, they acknowledge the First Nations had never seated sovereignty,” Teela said.

“Sovereignty never seated means the First Nations have never relinquished their rights to their lands and waterways and more importantly, there was never consent to come, with complete disregard, and create a nation, acting like we are not here.”

With over 250 First Nations, in which now Australia has overwritten with eight states and territories, it’s important more than ever that Australians on the land pay respects to First Nations people, past, present, and emerging.

And that’s exactly the change we are beginning to see. More and more workplaces, events, stores and businesses and even social media and websites are Acknowledging Country.

But like everything, we can do more. And that’s why Teela and MC have brought you this episode to explain its rich history and purpose and what more we can do to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land we stand on.

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