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Why Do Aussies Expect To Pay More For Groceries

Australians are expected to spend more on their daily grocery shopping due to significant labour shortages across the food supply chain.

According to the Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia (RWTA), there is a staff shortage of at least 172,000 workers in various sectors of the food supply chain, ranging from farming to hospitality.

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As the food supply chain represents over 10 percent of the country’s GDP, operating at reduced capacity, concerns arise regarding GDP growth and the subsequent rise in food prices.

Richard Forbes, spokesperson for RWTA, mentions that while the shortage of backpackers has eased, the problem has spread throughout the supply chain.

“Hospitality and food service areas have been the hardest hit, followed by the convenience fish, meat processing, and food distribution sectors,” Mr. Forbes said.

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“There is a wide range of sectors that are currently suffering from the inability to attract and retain staff,” he added.

The National Food Supply Chain Alliance reveals data indicating a 15 percent increase in food price inflation in certain categories.

The Alliance urges the government to find solutions by reducing barriers to work and creating suitable visa pathways to attract overseas workers, particularly from ASEAN countries.

They also advocate for the development of a National Food Supply Chain Resilience Strategy to mitigate the impact of multiple long-term disruptions, including natural disasters and future global challenges.

“The government’s cooperation and proactive measures are vital to secure the future of Australia’s food supply chain.”

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