Why Brisbane Has The Most Expensive Parking Fees In Australia

New research provided by Ray White shows that parking in Brisbane CBD has now surpassed Sydney’s to become the most expensive in any Australian capital city. 

A day of casual parking in Brisbane CBD costs an average maximum of $79.83, compared to $77.67

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Ray White Corporate’s head researcher, Vanessa Rader, said Sydney’s parking costs rose as the ratio of car parks to office spaces decreased. 

However, post-COVID work-from-home arrangements have reduced the number of commuters driving into Sydney’s CBD. 

This research result came just after the Queensland government announced it would slash public transport fares to as low as 50c.

Queenslanders across the state are set to benefit from a 50-cent flat-rate fare for bus, train, ferry, and light rail services, starting from August 5, 2024.

Ms Rader said another contributing factor is the construction of new roads and increased commute times. 

“In Brisbane, the work-from-home pressures are not as pronounced as in Sydney and Melbourne,” Ms Rader said.

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She explained that new buildings in Brisbane’s CBD, similar to those in Sydney, have included fewer car parks than in the past.

While Brisbane’s private garages have the highest daily parking costs, Sydney’s CBD street parking remains the most expensive per hour. 

“There aren’t the same work-from-home pressures in Brisbane as Sydney and Melbourne,” Ms Rader said. 

In Melbourne, an early bird discount can save drivers up to 65.78 per cent off the maximum casual rate, the highest saving among Australian CBDs. 

These discounts help spread parking demand and utilise less desirable parking areas, such as the lowest levels of parking basements.

Ms Rader highlighted that Melbourne’s larger CBD and higher work-from-home pressures contribute to the city’s parking dynamics. 

“You can’t park at one end and walk to the other in Melbourne; you can to some extent in Brisbane.”

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