We Speak To The Guy Behind Shit Rentals

Let’s face the shit reality: either you or someone you know has fallen victim of a dodgy real estate experience.

Whether it’s not getting what you paid for, having real estate or landlords refuse to fix something, or you’ve had issues with the contract or rental agreement.

Don’t you just wish there was someone who called out these shit rentals? Well, there is.


Jordie van den Berg has become TikTok famous for his videos documenting shit rentals around Australia as the country’s rental crisis continues.

His videos exposing shit rentals have hundreds of thousands of likes with Jordie’s top video reaching over 1.4million views.

On today’s episode of The Briefing, Jordie joins Tom Tilley to explain what needs to change in order to give tenants a fair go.  

At first if you stumble across Jordie’s TikToks, you’re bound for a laugh. Jordie’s content may seem like he is simply taking the mickey out of these properties, but he’s actually admitted into a law degree and wants to help “powerless” tenants.


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“There’s no way for a tenant to do what I’m doing at the moment,” Jordie said.

“I don’t know what we can do without kind of someone making a shitty video about it.

“There’s nothing that can be done, unfortunately, because the government isn’t really doing much.”

Jordie says tenants need more support from the government when it comes to enforcing real estate laws.

He believes there is an “appetite for change” but we’re not seeing any movement from those who can really do something.

“Except if we’re looking at minor parties like the Greens and those kind of parties. They’re kind of advocating for this change and their being really pushed back against.

You can hear more about why Jordie started filming the videos and his suggestions on what could be changed to support tenants on today’s episode of The Briefing

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