Victorian Government Announce Gas Ban For All New Homes

All new homes in Victoria will only have an electricity connection from 2024.

The Victorian Government confirmed gas connections will be banned in new homes and subdivisions from January 1 next year – in a move to help the state reach its emissions targets and also make heating and cooking more affordable for Victorians. 

All new public buildings that are yet to reach design state will also be all-electric from today, July 28. 

“Going all-electric will save a new homeowner $1,000 off their energy bills each and every year, and if they’ve got solar panels, it’ll save them $2,200,” Energy and Resources Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said. 

Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny confirmed a transition period for homes that were already going through the approval and permit process will be implemented. 

“There will be changes to the Victorian planning provisions and the planning schemes,” Ms Kilkenny said.

“There will be consultation, obviously, that takes place to support all of those in industry, local government, with these new changes.

“It will certainly help with the cost of living, and it will certainly help Victoria to achieve its energy emission targets,” Ms Kilkenny said.

Steep rises in gas prices have hit Victorians hard this year, with estimates residential gas bills will increase on average by up to $480 this year. 

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