Victoria Braces For Catastrophic Fire Threat As Temperatures Soar

Residents in parts of Victoria’s north-west and south-west are facing dire warnings as catastrophic fire conditions loom with temperatures expected to surge into the mid-40s. 

A bushfire near Bayindeen, north-west of Ballarat, has been uncontained, prompting authorities to issue evacuation notices for surrounding towns, including Amphitheatre, Beaufort, Clunes, Elmhurst, Learmonth, and Lexton.

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The State Control Centre has released an impact map outlining the potential danger zones. 

Premier Jacinta Allan urged residents to leave their homes before midday on Wednesday.

“Tomorrow is likely to be one of the most dangerous fire days Victoria has experienced in recent years,” she said. 

Wind gusts of up to 80 kilometers per hour and dry lightning are expected to exacerbate the fire threat.

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“People who live in these high-fire-risk areas need to think about having their plan in place, activating their fire plan and particularly if the emergency services tell you to leave or give you a particular message, please follow that message and heed those warnings.”

Victoria’s State Control Centre has confirmed a catastrophic fire rating for the Wimmera region, while other areas in the south-west are under close monitoring, with the possibility of escalating to catastrophic levels. 

Emergency Management Victoria’s Rick Nugent said that rapid fire spread was anticipated.

“Fire, if it gets going, can spread quickly and will be extremely dangerous. It’s the worst possible fire conditions we can have across this part of the state.”

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