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Unpacking The Latest Twist In The Melissa Caddick Scam Saga

In 2020, Melissa Caddick disappeared following her infamous involvement as the financial advisor who orchestrated a multi-million-dollar investment scam.

The saga’s latest instalment has seen Caddick’s husband, Anthony Koletti walk away from ownership claims on a number of luxury items that were in Caddick’s possession.

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It was just up until recently however, Koletti had been fighting to keep substantial amounts of the assets and luxury items – which he had purchased with money from his wife’s fraud.

In today’s episode of The Briefing, Tom Tilley is joined by investigative journalist Kate McClymont to unpack the latest twist in the tale and why Koletti has backed off from his fight to keep assets and items.

Tilley asks McClymont what she believed Koletti’s logic was in backing down.

“It’s really hard to know,” she said.

“But as the months have gone on, the receivers send him things saying, okay, here is the tracing of the money that we’ve done. For instance, initially the receivers had an incredible list of Melissa Caddick’s jewellery, and I mean we’re talking about millions of dollars.

“So, Anthony just went through the list and wrote on it, gave that to me and they said, ‘you know, Anthony, that’s not actually how it works. You can’t just write on something and say, gave to me’.

“We have to have evidence; we can’t just take your word for it.”

In this chat, McClymont also discusses some of the other bizarre elements on the story, including the Spotify tracks released by Koletti, but also where life heads to now – not just for him, but for the pair’s son as well.

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