Two Soldiers Sue Defence Force Over Crocodile Attack

Two soldiers are suing the Defence Force for compensation following a crocodile attack in Far North Queensland. 

The soldiers were attacked by a crocodile while allegedly swimming in hazardous waters without permission. 

One of the men suffered deep neck and shoulder wounds during the attack while the other man suffered injuries to his arms and hands. 

The two men were attacked by a 2.5 metre saltwater crocodile before receiving first aid at the scene. 

The men were then transported to Cairns Hospital.

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The attack occurred at the Lockhart River on August 6, 2021. 

The soldiers are now claiming compensation for the attack through a workers compensation claim to Comcare. 

Comcare have since filed at least one charge against the Department of Defence. 

The men were travelling with a crew from Darwin to Townsville on an inflatable watercraft and stopped for the evening at Portland Roads. 

 The vessel master is believed to have authorised the two soldiers to go fishing but did not permit them to swim.