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The Revolutionary New Flu Jab

A new flu vaccine has arrived in Australia and it is not like traditional vaccines – it is cell-based.

Cell-based flu vaccines are developed differently from the traditional egg-based vaccines.

They offer advantages in production, scale and better matching the viruses in vaccines to those circulating in the community.

In this episode of the Briefing, immunologist Dr Julianne Bayliss explains why the new vaccine is a game changer:

Flucelvax QUAD, manufactured by CSL Seqirus, is now available through the National Immunisation Program for eligible five-to-64-year-olds.

Cell-based flu vaccines like Flucelvax QUAD are designed to match the virus strains likely to be prevalent for the upcoming flu season.

Influenza can be a serious disease and is returning to pre-COVID levels of circulation.

“One of the most important and most significant steps you can take is to get vaccinated,” says Bayliss.

In 2023 there were close to 300,000 influenza cases, 3,696 hospitalisations and at least 376 flu-related deaths reported across Australia.

While Australians are overall supportive of vaccination, convenience and accessibility are important factors in getting people jabbed.

“If the vaccines are available at your workplace, if they’re available just around the corner from home, you’re removing one of the barriers,” says Bayliss.

In recent years the increased access to vaccines in pharmacies has improved accessibility to the wider population.

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