Quiet on set

The Quiet On Set Documentary Is About To Ruin Your Childhood Nostalgia

Warning: This article discussed child sexual abuse and mental health. If you are struggling or need help, call Lifeline now on 13 11 14.

A new documentary exposing the dark underbelly of kid’s television in the nineties and early 2000s is dropping in Australia today.  

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This four-part series delves into the disturbing realities experienced by child stars working on popular Nickelodeon shows during the 80s and 90s.

On today’s episode, LiSTNR’s Justin Hill, entertainment reporter and host of The Streaming Service, joins The Briefing’s Sacha Barbour-Gatt, discussing some of the most shocking revelations in the documentary and why it is about to ruin your childhood nostalgia.

The documentary features interviews with former Nickelodeon child stars and employees who reveal unpleasant and even illegal practices prevalent on the sets of Dan Schneider productions such as “iCarly,” “Zoey 101,” “All That,” and “Drake & Josh.” 

Shocking allegations range from fostering toxic work environments to instances of racism and inappropriate behaviour towards minors.

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“A lot of people are seeing this and they’re going, oh, it’s such an era that I look back on with, like a hazy glow all over it and now for a lot of people, it will be forever tainted,” Hill said.

“The accusations against Dan were just things, I mean these days, we just are horrified by them.”

Despite these accusations, Schneider, who gained immense success as a producer and screenwriter for Nickelodeon, broke his silence following the documentary’s release.

In a 19-minute YouTube interview, he expressed remorse for his past behaviours, including pressuring employees for massages, and acknowledged the toxic environment he was involved in. 

While Schneider has not faced criminal charges related to the allegations, the documentary has sparked conversations about accountability and the protection of child actors in the entertainment industry. 

Episodes one and two will be available on Binge, ID, and Fetch from today, Friday April 5.

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