Main Image: Edwina Pickles

Taskforce To Investigate Sydney Shootings Launches Today

The new police taskforce to head the investigations the shootings in Sydney over the last week will launch today.

Taskforce Magnus, led by the State Crime Command will examine the links between the shootings, dating back to that of Alen Moradian in Bondi Junction on June 27.

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Initial inquiries have made police believe the link between the shootings is conflict arising from the alleged supply of prohibited drugs, particularly in the south-west Sydney area.

The taskforce will also be responsible for ramped up activity to target and disrupt those still believed to be in the ongoing conflict.

Seventy detectives will make up the taskforce and will be sourced from eight existing strike forces. A further 20 detectives have also been assigned to Taskforce Magnus, with NSW Crime Commission and Australian Crime Intelligence Commission assiting.

NSW Police Force Commissioner Karen Webb APM said the safety and wellbeing of the community remained top priority and was the motivation for the taskforce.

“Public place shootings are reckless – and criminals carrying out such attacks show a blatant disregard for, not only their own safety, but that of the community,” she said in a statement.

“Taskforce Magnus will provide investigating officers a full suite of capabilities and an arsenal of resources to not only find those responsible, but to end this brazen violence on our streets,” Commissioner Webb said.

“We’re also asking the community to play their part in bringing these criminals to justice. Police need evidence to put anyone before a court, which is where you can help us.”

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