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Spanish Football Boss Luis Rubiales Resigns Following World Cup Kiss

Spanish Football Federation chief Luis Rubiales has announced his resignation from the position after a kissing scandal at the Women’s World Cup.

Rubiales was suspended after kissing Spanish player Jenni Hermoso after the country’s world cup win.

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In a tell-all interview with Piers Morgan, Mr Rubiales said he would resign from the position. He then confirmed the decision in a written statement.

“After the quick suspension carried out by FIFA, plus the rest of open proceedings against me, it is evident that I will not be able to return to my position,” the statement read.

“Insisting on waiting and holding on is not going to contribute to anything positive, neither to the federation nor to Spanish football.”

In the interview with Morgan, Rubiales said he made the decision after speaking to family and friends.

“They [said] to me, Luis, now you have to focus [on] your dignity and to continue your life, because if not you are probably going to damage people you love,” he said.

“In this situation now, [this is] the more intelligent thing that I have to do.”

The kiss resulted in worldwide backlash; however, Rubiales insisted it was consensual and he wanted to continue in the role.

The former chief had been provisionally suspended by FIFA for 90 days while Spanish public prosecutors filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault and coercion.

Hermoso, 33, filed a complaint to the National Court last week, accusing Rubiales of sexual assault.

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