RSPCA Urges Pet Owners To Include Beloved Animals In Bushfire Emergency Plans

In the wake of the recent devastating Wanneroo bushfire, the RSPCA WA urges pet owners to incorporate their beloved animals into their emergency plans. 

The organisation said that including pets in evacuation strategies significantly increases the chances of their safe evacuation.

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Hannah Dreaver, the Animal and Enforcement Operations Executive Manager at RSPCA WA, emphasised the importance of learning from the tragic events of the Wanneroo bushfire. 

The City of Wanneroo took proactive measures by activating an animal evacuation centre at the Wanneroo Showgrounds.

“Our heart goes out to everyone who suffered loss through that fire,” Ms Dreaver said.

“What struck so many people about that blaze is that it impacted people in suburban areas — the same kind of cul-de-sacs and streets so many of us live in.”

Dreaver highlighted the misconception that emergencies only affect rural areas, calling for comprehensive emergency plans.

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She highlighted the complexity of evacuating pets during a crisis, as many evacuation centres are unable to accept animals, making pre-planning essential.

The RSPCA recommends several crucial steps to aid pet owners in their emergency preparations. 

These include ensuring pets are microchipped and wearing council registration tags, preparing a kit with necessary supplies and details, having a secure carrier for cats, and informing neighbours about any pet evacuation plans.

The RSPCA has developed online resources, including a comprehensive plan template, to assist pet owners in safeguarding their animals during emergencies. 

For additional information and assistance in developing a comprehensive bushfire plan, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services offers resources on its official website.

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