Record Number Of Australians Enrolled To Vote Ahead Of Referendum

A record number of Australians have enrolled to vote ahead of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum.

New data from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) reveals 17.5 million Australians are enrolled to vote – or 97.5 per cent of the country as of June 30.

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It’s a 0.6 per cent increase from the start of 2022, while over a 10 per cent boost from the 89.7 per cent of Australian enrolled in June 2010.

As for Indigenous Australians and Northern Territorians enrolment, numbers have surpassed 90 per cent for the first time ever.

Enrolment rate has 94.1 per cent, up from 84.5 per cent at the end of 2022. There are 60,000 more Indigenous Australians enrolled than there was at the end of 2022.

Young Australians between 18-to-24-years old have also broken the demographic’s record, recording a 90.3 per cent enrolment rate, up from 87.6 per cent six months ago.

Commissioner Tom Rogers said Australians should be proud of the record numbers.

“If Australia’s enrolment is not the best in the world, it’d be incredibly close – my international counterparts are often flabbergasted at how we get enrolment so high,” he said.

“Enrolment continues to go up nationally, every state and territory’s enrolment rates are at – or near – record highs, traditionally lower enrolled sections of society have their enrolment rates keep going up.

“It’s a phenomenal success story.”

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