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Parts Of Queensland Face Catastrophic Fire Danger This Week

Catastrophic fire danger has been declared for Queensland’s south over the next few days due to hot, dry conditions.

The conditions, paired with gusty winds, have led to the rating in large parts of the Darling Downs, Granite Belt, Maranoa, and Warrego.

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The Bureau of Meteorology said the first dry spring since 2020 could create perfect bushfire conditions.

“We’re likely to see fire dangers remain at that extreme level on Tuesday, ahead of a gusty south-westerly change moving through much of the southern and south-east of inland [Queensland],” Senior meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology Dean Narramore told the ABC.

Mr Narramore said the warning should drop to moderate to high-risk midweek, with an expected wind change to also bring cooler temperatures across the state.

He warned though conditions were likely to return to extreme danger.

“We’re looking at a drier and hotter spring on average for much of the country, including Queensland, and — with a very dry winter, one of the hottest winters on record — we have seen a lot of [vegetation] growth really dry out,” he said.

“We are headed into the fire season, so it’s important to stay fire aware in the coming months as we see more of these hot, dry and windy conditions.”

The Bureau of Meteorology warning:

“Warm and dry, fresh and gusty northwesterly winds are forecast to develop over the warning area Monday, with a southwesterly wind shift expected to reach the western Maranoa and Warrego district in the evening,” the warning said.

“This, combined with an exceptionally high fuel load will result in enhanced fire danger during Monday for the warning area, including some areas of catastrophic fire danger.

“Further risks include: Thunderstorms with little to no rainfall are possible over the Darling Downs and Granite Belt during Monday afternoon and evening, and an atmosphere capable of supporting large plume driven fires during the day.”

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