Cate Campbell: Why Female Athletes Cop So Much Online Abuse 

An Australian-first study has been launched looking at the online hate directed at female athletes. At the Tokyo games, 87% of online abuse towards athletes was directed at females. 

Female athletes say it is not an option not to use social media, because they are paid less and rely on it for income.  

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On today’s The Briefing episode, we talk with Olympic swimmer Cate Campbell and Dr Caitlin McGrane from Deakin University to find out what it is like being on the receiving end of daily online abuse as a female athlete.  

Despite winning multiple medals in the Olympic games and being a current multiple world record holder, Campbell still suffers from hateful comments and online trolls. 

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I now have a pretty strict rule for myself that I don’t read any comments good or bad. But I’ve learnt it the hard way…” 

Dr McGrane, who has launched research on widespread online abuse targeting female athletes, has called for current and former elite women’s sports to join the survey. 

From other research in different areas like women in the media or politics. Anytime women achieve any success in traditionally male-dominated fields, they can then become a target for gender online abuse,”

Dr McGrane said. 

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