Chip Chilla
The Daily Wire

New US Cartoon Accused Of Ripping-Off Aussie Kid’s Show Bluey

A new American cartoon produced by The Daily Wire is being accused of ripping-off the world-famous Australian cartoon Bluey. 

Chip Chilla is a new cartoon series which is available for streaming on The Daily Wire’s new children’s streaming app Bentkey. 

The cartoon follows a family of chinchillas, who live in suburban America and are home-schooled. 

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While these details differ from Bluey’s storyline, Australians viewers and critics are claiming the show bears a striking resemblance to the Aussie cartoon. 

The original teasers for the new show were released back in 2022 but have since seen dramatic changes made to the animations which now reflect a similar colour scheme, animation style and music to Bluey. 

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Several people have expressed their distaste for the new show on social media including Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner who described Chip Chilla as a “phony-looking US version of Bluey”.

“They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But Chip Chilla certainly proves that wrong. Brisbane is so proud to be the home of Bluey and this phony-looking US version is barking up the wrong tree! You can’t beat Bluey!” he posted on former Twitter platform X.

The US streaming app was developed by conservative political personality Ben Shapiro who is aiming to provide families and children with “safe, fun programming” minus the “insidious ideologies”. 

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