New Trial To Target Illegal Use Of E-Scooters In Melbourne

A new camera trial will roll out on Melbourne e-scooters to target riders who illegally ride on footpaths and tandem ride.

Twenty-five Lime scooters will be fitted with the technology which uses real-time tracking to determine the rider’s location.

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It’s expected all Melbourne’s e-scooters will then be fitted with the cameras.

The technology will be able to identify if riders are travelling on a footpath or if two people are sharing the scooter and will initiate an audio warning.

The trial will also record how many times people are riding on footpaths and identify hot spots for dangerous driving.

Acting Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece said the City of Melbourne recognised frustration from the community about people using e-scooters illegally and causing problems for motorists and pedestrians.

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“We have listened, and we have acted,” he said.

“We have worked with the providers, Lime, and Neuron Mobility, who are rolling out new technology advancements that will deliver safer and more accessible city for all Melburnians.

“We are also working closely with Victoria Police to ensure the small minority of people doing the wrong thing are held accountable.”

The trial comes before the council voting next week on whether to back a recommendation to support the permanent use of e-scooters in Melbourne’s CBD.

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