New Study Suggests Vaping More Likely To Cause Mouth Disease Than Cigarettes

According to a new study, people who vape are more likely to suffer from some kind of oral disease than those who smoke cigarettes. 

The new study, which was published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, revealed that damage caused by using a vape for six months is comparable to oral damage caused by smoking cigarettes for five years. 

A study was done of 123 people who both vape and smoke cigarettes to conclude whether vaping or smoking increased the likelihood of contracting an oral disease. 

Professor Purnima Kumar who led the study told The Daily Telegraph that people who used a vape for around six months drastically decreases a person’s immunity to mouth disease. 

The products in these vapes and e-cigarettes change the friendly bacteria in our mouths,

Professor Purnima Kumar

“We’re finding that people who vape have a very, very ­delayed wound healing response when compared to people who don’t, in fact it’s three times longer.”

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Health Minister Mark Butler told Sky news that one of the keys to preventing the use of vapes is to stop the importation of vapes. 

“Justifiably, they need the borders shut,” he said. 

 “So, we need this to be a comprehensive approach at both levels of government, states policing this stuff on the ground, 

“Really starting to crack down on these vape stores that that really cynically, are often deliberately locating themselves down the road from schools because they recognise that’s their target market while at a commonwealth level we’re cracking down on the border as well.”

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