Image: Nine News

Nazi Symbols To Be Explicitly Banned In New South Wales

New South Wales will explicitly outlaw the Nazi salute following a series of demonstrations by white supremacists in Sydney.

On Sunday, police broke up a neo-Nazi demonstration on Sydney’s north shore – a third day straight the group was disrupted.

In NSW, the laws surrounding public Nazi demonstrations are a grey area where all Nazi symbolism is outlawed.

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It’s a contrast to Victoria, where the Nazi salute is explicitly banned.

“Explicitly the swastika is illegal in NSW, there’s a question as to whether a Nazi salute is as well,” Mr Minns said on Sunrise Monday morning.

“I want to make it clear though that (salute) is not acceptable in NSW and if the current laws don’t cover it, we’ll move legislation to make it illegal.”

About 61 of the people who were a part of Friday’s demonstration were masked and from Victoria, which caused the premier to warn of the power to unmask people.

Opposition Leader for NSW Mark Speakman said neo-Nazi displays in Sydney were “incredibly confronting” but was unsure if police powers for unmasking, extended to these gatherings.

“It’s not clear here what the powers of the police are,” he told 2GB.

“But I think in principle, if someone turns up in public dressed in a balaclava, they’re looking for trouble, and police should have the power to rip them off.”

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