Mike Cannon-Brookes

Can Mike Cannon-Brookes Revolutionize Our Transition To Green Energy?

CEO of Atlassian and billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes has turned up the heat this week, teaming up with Brookfield to launch an $A8 billion-dollar offer to buy AGL in view to accelerate the company’s transition to green energy. 

Mike joins us on the Briefing to explain his vision for Australia’s energy future. His team plan to invest a further $20 billion to replace the coal-fired plants with large-scale renewable batteries – and they can do it by 2030, much sooner than the government’s 2045 forecast.

“We’ve been constantly surprised every year, over the last 10 years at the pace of this transition, when you’re constantly surprised that something is moving faster than you thought, I suspect that constant surprise continues and it continues to move faster than everyone thinks. Australia should have the lowest-priced energy in the world.”

– Mike Cannon-Brookes

In response, PM Scott Morrison came out swinging: “We need to ensure that our coal-fire generation of electricity runs to its life because if it doesn’t, electricity prices go up.”

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But Cannon-Brookes is prepared to put his money where his mouth is and AGL’s rejection of his offer has not deterred him a smidge. 

So the question is – will a private investor become our big pioneer in Australia’s change from coal-fire and put us at the forefront of the world transition to renewable energy?

Catch the interview by clicking the audio below!