Queensland’s Mice Plague Goes From Bad To Worse

Towns across the North Burnett, Queensland region have been inundated with mice as the infestation spirals out of control. People are discovering hundreds of them in their homes each day. Some are even finding them in their hair whilst they sleep.

Resident Susie Capewell, who lives just outside Gayndah, says she’s caught about a thousand mice in the last two weeks. She even spoke to a man who woke up to a rodent chewing on his hand!

“His hand was all scratched up with spots on it and loose skin chewed. It was terrible,” she said.

Gayndah’s Norco Rural Stores owner Brett Jordan says he catches hundreds of mice each day at a massive cost to his family.

“Every day they get into our stock and damage it. Chew through wires, computer systems, plastic containers,” he said.

On Australia Today we chat to Tony Perrett, Queensland’s Shadow Agriculture Minister to understand why things are getting so bad and what it will take to end the madness.