Major Flood Warning Issued For Daintree Village And Surrounding Areas

The Far North Queensland region remains on alert as residents and authorities shift their focus to the potential flooding in the cyclone’s aftermath.

The Daintree River, a major concern for flooding, is under a severe flood warning, with Daintree Village particularly vulnerable if heavy rain persists. 

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Emergency services closely monitor the situation, and precautions are in place, but the evolving weather conditions make predictions challenging.

Justin Coomber from Ergon Energy told ABC that a generator was pre-positioned in Daintree Village, but crews couldn’t get in to hook it up with roads cut by flooding.

As of 8 pm on Thursday, more than 17,000 customers were without power, a significant improvement from the 43,000 reported earlier in the day. 

However, some areas may remain without power until late Saturday.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned that river level observations at the airport were currently unreliable but expected to be at the minor flood level and falling.

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The Barron River catchment has recorded approximately 600 millimetres of rain since Wednesday morning, contributing to a moderate flood warning for the Mulgrave River and Russell River, south of Cairns. 

In Goldsborough Valley, water levels at Peets Bridge fell overnight after a moderate flood peak on Thursday afternoon. However, concerns remain as additional rainfall could trigger further rises.

Since the impact of ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper, the State Emergency Service has received 247 calls for assistance, primarily related to flooding and fallen trees affecting properties.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper is moving westward slowly, and the Bureau of Meteorology expects it to hit the southern Gulf of Carpentaria later today or early Saturday. 

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