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Israel Agrees To Daily Humanitarian Pauses In Gaza

The White House has announced Israel will begin daily four-hour humanitarian pauses to allow people to leave.

Israel will pause its assault on Hamas in northern Gaza, allowing people to move along two humanitarian corridors.

The country has allowed movement along the Salah ad-Din road – the primary highway which runs along the Gaza strip – for the fifth day in the road.

US president Joe Biden said the pauses had taken a little longer for Israel to agree with than he had hoped.

Mr Biden has also pressed the country to agree in allowing multi-day pauses in a bid to release hostages held by Hamas.

There are currently 239 hostages held by Hamas.

Meanwhile, US national security spokesperson John Kirby described the move as a “significant first step”.

Mr Kirby said Israel would give at least three hours notice of when the corridors would open.

Speaking to media, he agreed with Mr Biden that the pauses would be useful in the bid to free hostages.

“If we can get all the hostages out, that’s a nice finite goal,” he said.

“Humanitarian pauses can be useful in the transfer process.”

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