Inside The Spicy Legal Battle Over Who Really Invented Butter Chicken

For many Australians, Indian food equals butter chicken. 

It’s delicious and creamy and it’s incredibly popular here and across the world. 

But it hasn’t been around forever – in fact, it’s less than 100 years old.

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And now, a fight over exactly who invented butter chicken and when has erupted in India’s high court, with two families – and two restaurants – battling it out for bragging rights.

On today’s afternoon episode of The Briefing, Bension Siebert is joined by Delhi chef and food writer, Sadaf Hussain, to hear more about what’s been going on.

But first, let’s hear where this all started.

“Like how Europe is equals to pizza and pasta, like Australia would be for all the barbecues and grills; India equals to butter chicken, right?” Hussain described.

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“So the fight or the case is between two families who both claim that their great grandfather or the grandfather started butter chicken in India or invented butter chicken.”

There’s so much to this story, including diving deeper into the relationship with the two families and their claims, butter chicken’s connection to Pakistan, as well as why all of us just love butter chicken so much. Listen to the episode now!

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