Hundreds Of Campers Stranded As Firefighters Battle Bushfires In Gippsland

Surprise spring wildfires have struck Victoria’s east, leaving hundreds of campers stranded and firefighters battling to control the blazes. 

According to the Country Fire Authority (CFA), one house has been lost in the inferno, with approximately 5,000 hectares already being burnt.

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The most concerning blaze is in Briagolong, with nearby communities like Cobbannah, Culloden, Moornapa, and Glenaladale on high alert and advised to be ready to evacuate. 

Warnings also remain in effect for fires at Rawson and Loch Sport.

Around 1,000 campers who flocked to the area for the long weekend were forced to evacuate but are now stranded in the region. 

The CFA’s chief officer, Jason Heffernan, described Sunday as a “very challenging day” for firefighters as winds reached up to 93 kilometres per hour, fueling the fire in Briagolong. 

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“(That) saw those fires really take off and affect communities, particularly the Briagolong fire,” he said.

“It will be a very short-lived reprieve. Tomorrow we are expecting a return to hot, fire conditions in East Gippsland ahead of what we expect to be a very significant rainfall event on Tuesday evening into Wednesday,” Mr Heffernan said. 

Meteorologists anticipate that the rain will extend into Thursday, and some areas might experience snowfall as temperatures cool. 

As firefighters continue their efforts to bring the blazes under control, residents and campers are advised to stay informed through multiple sources of information and exercise caution in the face of this ongoing emergency.

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