How To Handle Awkward Christmas Conversations Like A Boss

It’s Christmas time which means many of us are bracing ourselves or have already had to partake in those awkward family conversations that seem to be an inevitable staple of gathering during the holidays.

Whether its dealing with passive agressive jabs over the amount of food on your plate, to delving into really complex geopolitical or human rights issues, we know the struggle is real.

So fear not, because there is a podcast episode that can save the day!

In Friday morning’s episode of The Briefing, host Tom Tiley spoke with psychologist Jocelyn Brewer about how exactly you can make it through the holiday season unscathed.

In a nutshell, Brown reccomends that you set clear boundaries, practice empathy and always, I repeat, always have an exit strategy.

“Sometimes we go into these situations, kind of ready for a fight, expecting the worst, rather than presuming that people are really just trying to connect. They’re trying to find a way in,” Brown said.

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“Rehearse some of the points that you want to make and conversations you want to have, so to actually own the narrative,” she added.

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