How Secure Clean Energy Will Save Democracy

Climate change and the decline of democracy are two global crises that have come to a head in recent years.

Transitioning to green energy is key to tackling both.  

The question is however: can we make enough progress fast enough to save the planet and democracy?  


Energy security expert Anna Mikulska discusses how Vladimir Putin weaponised gas for decades before the ground invasion of Ukraine and warns Europe is not yet clear from danger.

Malcolm Turnbull and Anna discuss on this week’s episode of Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull if the transition to clean energy could save European democracies from Russian aggression as well as save the planet.  

A key leader in relying on Russia so much for gas was Angela Merkel, who Malcolm described as being characteristically similar to Putin.

“They were more or less the same age; they were both in East Germany when the wall came down. For her, it was the opening of a new era, the opportunity for freedom… for Putin, it was the worst event in history,” Malcolm explained.

“But under her leadership, Germany became more and more dependent on Russian gas.”

Anna believes it would have made “no sense” to lose the market.

“There was to some extent, besides the historical experience, I think there was also this kind of position, well, we are the biggest market for Russian gas.

“It would make no sense, rationally speaking, it would make no sense to do something to lose this market. Germany was bringing 100 BCM of gas, almost half or over half sometimes what the other countries were taking from Russia.

“It was preparing for more. And Germany thought, you know, just like we are dependent on Russia, well, Russia is also dependent on us.”

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