Have You Ever Experienced Climate Anxiety?

It turns out it’s not just our younger generation feeling anxious about climate change, it’s also affecting climate scientists.

With heat records being broken across the globe, more and more scientists are turning to group therapy to deal with the toll of reading dire forecasts day in and day out.

Experts are warning more needs to be done in this area to prevent scientists from experiencing burnout.

In this episode of our Summer Ahead series Tom Tilley breaks it down with ANU scientist Joe Duggan.

Across all regions of the world, more and more people are showing signs of climate anxiety or climate fatigue. Understanding how it impacts every group is crucial.

Joe Duggan, ANU Institute

The reason I think it’s important to focus on scientists right now is because they are the ones at the pointy end of understanding what the implications are going to be and making recommendations around what we should do next.

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