The Ocean Explorer has been pulled free. Image: Joint Arctic Command.

Grounded Ocean Explorer Pulled Free By Fishing Trawler

The luxury cruise ship that was grounded in Greenland with 206 passengers on board has been freed.

A fishing trawler pulled free the Ocean Explorer, after its failed attempt just a day earlier.

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“We’re really happy that it went so well and that the passengers and crew of the ship can now see an end to the difficult situation they’ve been in for the last few days,” Commander Captain of Arctic Command, Brian Jensen said.

“Regardless that no one was in direct danger, I understand if being stuck in such a deserted area with no possibility to move forward has been uncomfortable.”

SunStone Ships, the ship’s owner, said no passengers were injured and now will all return to a port to be flown back home.

“There have not been any injuries to any person onboard, no pollution of the environment and no breach of the hull,” the company said.

“The vessel and its passengers will now be positioned to a port where the vessel’s bottom damages can be assessed, and the passengers will be taken to a port from which they can be flown back home.”

The cruise ship ran aground earlier this week, caught on mud about 1,400km from Greenland’s capital Nuuk.

Of those on board, 85 were Australian passengers, as well as New Zealand, South Korea, United Kingdom, and United States holiday-goers.

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