Dingo victim

Fate Of Dingoes Yet To Be Decided Following Attack On K’gari

Authorities are deciding what to do with the dingoes responsible for mauling a 23-year-old woman on K’gari on Monday. 

Sarah Peet was attacked while jogging on a beach on K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island).

Ms Peet suffered several injuries during the attack and was rescued from the four dingoes by two men passing by the scene in a Ute. 

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One of the men is believed to have suffered injuries to his hand while attempting to intervene.

She was flown to Hervey Bay Hospital a short time later for treatment to around 30 bite marks including one deep laceration. 

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Ms Peet will require further treatment for her injuries. 

Senior ranger Linda Behrendorff said all four of the dingoes are currently being closely monitored following the attack with one of the dingoes being deemed “high risk” after having been involved in a separate attack. 

Ms Behrendorff said a decision is yet to be made as to the future of the “high risk” dingo with the last dingo euthanised back in 2019. 

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