Emergency Warnings Issued For Two Bushfires In New South Wales

New South Wales Rural Fire service (RFS) has issued two emergency warning alerts – one in Kearsley near Cessnock, and one in Coolagolite near Bega.

The RFS has told residents in the Abernathy area in Kearsley “it is too late to leave” and to seek shelter inside a solid structure such as a house.

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The fire has burned out of control in a southerly direction about 5km southeast of Cessnock, causing expected impact on homes and properties in Abernathy. 

Firefighters have been working diligently, but were forced to maintain a 1.8km containment line as the fire encroached upon the RAAF weapons range in the area. 

Experts say some parts of the vicinity may still contain unexploded ordnance, adding an extra layer of complexity to the firefighting efforts.

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Residents in the affected areas are urged to stay vigilant and heed the advice of firefighters on the ground.

Additionally, an emergency warning has been issued for the Coolagolite fire in the Bega Valley. 

This fire poses a significant threat to homes in Bermagui, Cuttagee, and Barragga Bay. 

Residents in the affected areas should stay informed through official channels, closely monitor the situation, and follow the guidance of local authorities to ensure their safety.

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