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Disoriented Tourists Rescued From Mount Roland Summit

Five disoriented tourists were rescued from the summit of Mount Roland last night.

According to Tasmania police, emergency services responded to a request for assistance from the group after they “veered off course” on the way down the summit at about 7:15 pm on Sunday.

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Inspector Steve Jones said a land-based search and rescue team located the party shortly after receiving the call and guided the group back safely.

“Unfortunately, the group were ill-prepared for their journey,” Inspector Jones said.

Inspector Jones said no one was injured, but some group members were “fatigued and dehydrated”.

“Anyone planning on bushwalking must be aware of the weather forecast and adequately equipped for all conditions, including sub-zero temperatures,” he said.

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He said the weather conditions in elevated and alpine areas could change rapidly. 

Despite warm and fine weather at the beginning of the day, the patterns can shift quickly, reducing visibility and challenging conditions. 

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Tasmania had been under extreme and “destructive” winds from Sunday to Monday, and the temperature at ground level in Sheffield at 7:30pm was around 7.5 degrees Celsius. 

“Relying solely on mobile phones for communication and navigation is strongly discouraged.”

Police urge bushwalkers to follow essential steps, including packing appropriate equipment, researching on the trip, informing others and carrying communication devices.

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