Mike Dann

“Bonkers And Ridiculous”: Behind The Scenes Of Eurovision 2023

Eurovision is back again, this year being played out in the UK. It’s a change from the norm after Ukraine won last year’s contest but couldn’t host themselves.  

On today’s The Briefing episode, we go behind the scenes with Australian commentator Myf Warhurst to hear all the gossip all the way from Liverpool, England.

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People are really pleased, and the themes are united by music. What Eurovision has always tried to do is unit countries. That was the original point of Eurovision.,”

Warhurst said.

Voyager, a synth metal band from Perth, Western Australia, has had a different journey to enter the world’s biggest Song Contest.

As a progressive metal band, they deliver a wide range of songs from 80s pop to crunchy metal.

Of the three students who began Voyager at the University of Western Australia, only lead singer Daniel Estrin remains in the current line-up, along with drummer Ash Doodkorte, bassist Alex Canion and guitarist Simone Dow and Scott Kay.

They have been doing this for 20 years, and they have also got a huge market already existing in Europe, and I think that might work to our advantage, given everyone else can buy it,”

she said.

For people who have watched Eurovision in the past, you will know that Australians cannot vote for themselves in the competition.

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Warhurst said there were no jury votes in this year’s semi-final as the general public judged them. She said the general public would love “something wacky”.

They love something that’s got something else going on. It’s not just a perfect pop tune arc, and they’ve got every chance to go through to the final.”

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