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Bomb Threats Sent To Schools In South Australia

Police are investigating multiple incidents where schools and healthcare facilities in South Australia were targeted with threatening calls and emails during the past week.

East Adelaide School advised families to keep their children home after receiving a bomb threat via email early this morning.

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East Adelaide School principal Vicki Stravinski said: “This morning, we were notified really early via email that there was a bomb threat to the school (that) there were several pipe bombs place around the school.”

“This gave us enough time to put evacuation processes in place,” Ms Stravinski said.

She said the official told her that around 15 other schools “received the same threat”.

Ms Stravinski said a central message was sent before 8:30am. “The majority of our parents did not bring their children to school, which is just outstanding.”

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A total of 560 students attended East Adelaide School, but less than 90 came to school this morning.

A police spokesperson said the string of threats was made during the last week and increasingly over the past 24 hours.

“Police have commenced an investigation in relation to the source of these threats and will prosecute any individual identified to be involved in the dissemination of these threats,” they said.

“Businesses are reminded to carry out normal protocols around security if they are the recipient of one of these threats.”

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