Image: Qantas

Australian Repatriation Flights Out Of Israel Commence

Australian repatriation flights will begin today, bringing home those stuck in Israel.

It’s estimated there are 10,000 dual Australian-Israeli citizens, while about 45,000 Australians travel to Israel each year.

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On Wednesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced flights would depart from Tel Aviv on Friday and Sunday, taking Australians to London.

Meanwhile on Thursday, a third repatriation flight was announced as the federal government anticipated a “quite large demand” of those wishing to flee the conflict.

The first two lot of flights will be flown by Qantas, and will be free of charge for all Australian citizens.

“We are looking at the security issues and we are having daily briefings,” Mr Albanese said following the third flight’s announcement.

“We will of course, monitor safety and ensure that we are keeping our eye on what is a very volatile situation and volatile region.

“The first flight is scheduled to leave and fly to London tomorrow. And we think it is important that Australian citizens are able to come home to Australia who choose to do so.”

Mr Albanese said Australian citizens wanting to leave Israel on the repatriation flights needed to register with the 24-hour consular emergency centre.

Those overseas, including Israel can call +61 2 6261 3305, or on 1300 555 135 from within Australia.

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