Australian Premiers Group Chat Leaked: Steven Miles Reveals Who Gets Roasted 

Queensland Premier Steven Miles revealed on Triple M’s The Rush Hour that Australia’s Premiers share a WhatsApp group chat, “like a group of mates”.

“You’re all watching football and Carlton kicks a goal, so the Premier of Melbourne starts carrying on, is that legitimately a real thing?” Dobbo asked.

QLD Premier Steven Miles reveals who gets roasted in the group chat on The Rush Hour:

“You do get a bit of that,” Miles said, “Maybe a bit more now that it’s mostly Labor Premiers, a lot of us have known each other a while.”

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“Certainly, when the Broncos were beating the Rabbitohs, Albo gets it.”

Leisel Jones asked whether a second group chat is ever used to gossip about particular chat members: “Is there a side group chat that’s roasting people?”

“There certainly was when Morrison was there,” Miles said.

Which Premier is admin of the group chat? Miles reveals on The Rush Hour: