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Aussie Surfers forced To Drink Water From Hair To Survive At Sea

The Aussie surfers who were missing at sea in Indonesia for 36 hours before being rescued have said they were forced to drink rainwater from their hair to survive. 

In an exclusive interview with the Today show, Will Teagle, Elliot Foote and Jordan Short have revealed what it was like to be lost at sea. 

Elliot explained that he left his three friends in an attempt to find help at one of the nearby islands. 

“I spent the night by myself trying to paddle to islands but coastal drifts don’t allow you to get close to land when you’re that fatigued,” he told Today

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When Will, Jordan and Steph were discovered floating on surfboards by an Aussie living in the area, they were concerned when they Elliot was not already on the boat. 

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“Unfortunately, the first time the boat picked us up, we thought Elliot was on board. When we realised, he wasn’t there, that was the most heartbreaking thing that’s ever happened,” Will said. 

“Luckily we were reunited about an hour later.”

According to Aussie skipper Grant Richardson who discovered three of the surfers, the group had been forced to drink rainwater from their hair to survive. 

“They were smart enough to say ‘Guys, we need to keep drinking as much as we can, while it is raining’,” he told A Current Affair

“Anything that they could take water off, even off their hair. It is incredible.”

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