Are Magazines Back In? Cosmo Makes The Comeback Of The Century

Magazines could be making a comeback and one of Australia’s favourite magazines for women is the latest to be resurrected, with printing to resume in August this year. 

Women’s magazines once had a place on every hairdresser’s benchtop, family kitchen table and teenager’s bedside drawer.  

That changed with the surging dominance of online media. Cosmopolitan magazine was axed five years ago for being commercially unviable.

But in the last year, female readership across publications is growing by 4% year-on-year. 

Publisher of Cosmo Katarina Kroslakova spoke on The Briefing about the comeback:

Cosmo publisher Katarina Kroslakova from KK Press said “Women are returning to print in a big way.”

“The women’s categories of fashion and lifestyle are up 36 per cent year on year in the bracket of 18 to 35,” she said.

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Host of The Briefing Sacha Barbour Gatt asked how the latest iteration of Cosmo will compete with online media.

“There is something still really special about having a tangible paper product and allowing yourself the luxury of having that fifteen minutes,” she said.

Kroslakova said Cosmo plans to join the world with TikTok and Instagram while staying amongst the latest trends.

“We will provide you with the latest eyeliner technique… or how to start your first Superannuation fund, or how to do the cosmic quiz with your boyfriend or girlfriend to see if you’re compatible,” she said,

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