AP: BoAmstrup/Lehtikuva

Arctic Blast Northern Europe, Leaving Thousands Without Power In Snow

Extreme cold temperatures, accompanied by gale-force winds and heavy snowfall, have wreaked havoc across the Nordic region, leaving thousands without power. 

The extreme weather conditions have also brought flooding issues in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

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In Arctic Sweden, temperatures plummeted to a bone-chilling minus 38 degrees Celsius.

Southern parts of the country witnessed motorists stranded in their cars or relocated to nearby sporting complexes for overnight stays.

Denmark has also faced challenging conditions, with police urging residents to avoid unnecessary travel as wind and snow battered the northern and western regions. 

Meanwhile, in Finnish Lapland, near the border with Norway and Sweden, temperatures dropped to a winter low of minus 43.1 degrees Celsius.

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Throughout the Nordic region, rail services have also been disrupted, exacerbating the challenges faced by commuters.

In Germany, where heavy rainfall has resumed in flood-affected regions, Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a second visit this week to inspect dykes and a sandbag-filling facility in the eastern town of Sangerhausen. 

The country is grappling with persistent flooding, with some areas still recovering from inundations in November and December.

Meteorologists are forecasting even colder temperatures for the remainder of the week.

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